This is a screen capture of a segment of the Intents report. The intents display on the far left-hand side of the report. To the right of them, parallel with the first intent, is the Outcome drop down menu. In this image, it's Incomplete option has been selected. The report is divided into three separate sections:
  • Incomplete states: A horizontal bar chart. Its y axis shows the states. Its x axis shows the number of conversations. In this screen capture, one of the bars is selected to invoke hover text that explains the why a conversations stopped at this state: time outs.
  • Most Incomplete Paths: A set of topographical representations of incomplete execution paths. For each of these paths, the report display these two indicators: Count (the number of conversations through the path) and Average Duration (in seconds). In this image, one of these paths has been scrolled to its final state, System.DefaultErrorHandler.