This is a screen capture of the Intent tester. The Intent tester is incorporated into a chat window with a header that reads Try Out Intents/Q&A. The header also includes a Rest button and a close (X) button. At the bottom of the chat widow is a field for entering messages. Directly to the right of this window is the Send button. In between the header and the message field are the following: a Batch toggle (switched off in this image), the test message, and the Intent and Confidence rankings. The tester accompanies each returned intent with a 100% bar chart, a radio selection button, and the confidence level percentage. Beneath the Intent and Confidence rankings, the tester displays the entities extracted for the utterance. It lists them by Entity and Value. Directly beneath these and to the right, is the Add Example button. Below the Add Example and to the right is the JSON option, which is left unexpanded in this image.