Accessing the Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service Console

Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service can be accessed through a web-based console.

To access the console:

  1. Display the Sign In to Oracle Cloud page by clicking the My Services URL link in your Welcome email or by following these instructions:
    1. Open your web browser and go to the Oracle Cloud website:
    2. Click Sign In.
    3. In the My Services box, select the data center where your services are located: Public Cloud Services - NA or Public Cloud Services - EMEA.
    4. Click My Services.
  2. On the Sign In to Oracle Cloud page, enter your user name, your password, and the name of your identity domain. Then, click Sign In.
    The My Services dashboard opens.
  3. To access the service, Click the navigation navigation menu in the top corner of the My Services dashboard and then select the required service.
    The service onsole opens. If this is the first time the service has been accessed, a Welcome page is displayed.