Creating a Topic in Event Hub Console

To create a topic, use the New Topic wizard in the Event Hub Console as described in the following procedure.


To create a topic in Event Hub Console:

  1. Open the Event Hub Console
  2. Got to Topics tab.
  3. Click New Topic
    The Event Hub Console, Create New Topic page is displayed.
  4. In the New Topic page, provide the basic service instance information and complete the section.
  5. The following table provides the description of each element in the New Topic creation page.
    Element Description
    Topic Name

    Specify a name for the Topic. Choose a name that is unique within the tenant domain that will be used to identify the new Topic. The name:

    • Must contain one or more characters.
    • Must not exceed 30 characters.
    • Must start with an ASCII letter: a to z , or A to Z.
    • Must contain only ASCII letters or numbers.
    • Must not contain a hyphen.
    • Must not contain any other special characters.
    • Must be unique within the identity domain.
    Partitions Number of partitions to be created in the topic. Minimum 1 and Maximum 256.
    Replication Factor Number of replications that should created for the Topic.
    Log Cleanup Policy

    Specify the cleanup policy for logs. You can choose between Delete and Compact.

    Delete policy deletes the log after retention period. Compact policy ensures that Kafka will always retain at least the last known value for each message key within the log of data for a single topic partition. Use Compact only with messages that specify keys.

    Retention Period (Hours) The duration (in hours) for which logs in the topic should be retained. Minimum 1 and Maximum 336 hours i.e. 14 days.
  6. Click ok to create a new topic.