About Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service

Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service and Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service — Dedicated leverages the combined power of Oracle Cloud and Apache Kafka to enable you to work with streaming data. You can quickly create, configure and manage your Topics and Clusters in the cloud while Oracle manages the underlying infrastructure.

Massive amounts of data are generated every minute by various modern organizations. A significant challenge to processing incoming data is the very high frequency at which they are generated. This makes it hard to consume and process these data. Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service, a streaming data platform, enables you to meet this challenge. Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service enables you to unify and organize these data and make it easily accessible and available for consumption anytime by anyone ranging from an engineer to an advanced analytic machine.

To manage your streaming data, Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service:

  • Acts as a message broker for transfer of data between various systems.

  • Enables you to produce and consume messages.

  • Enables you to access the data whenever the need arises.

An instance of Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service is called a Topic. All messages are organized into Topics.  You can send messages to a Topic and you can read messages from a Topic. A system that sends messages to a Topic is called Producer. A system that reads messages from a Topic is called Consumer. An instance of Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service — Dedicated is called a Cluster. Topic is an entity created on top of Clusters. You can create multiple Topics on a Cluster. Oracle Cloud enables you to directly create Cluster and Topic and start producing and consuming immediately without the need to worry about the underlying infrastructure.