Adding an SSH Public Key

Should the need arise, you can add an SSH public key to your Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service environment. After you add the public key, you can provide the matching private key to connect to a compute node using SSH as either the opc or the oracle user.

To add an SSH public key:

  1. Go to the SSH Access page for a database deployment that is associated with the compute nodes that you want to add a public key to:

    1. Open the Oracle Database Cloud Service console.

      For detailed instructions, see Accessing the My Services Dashboard and the Oracle Database Cloud Service Console.

    2. From the action menu (Menu icon) for the database deployment, select SSH Access.

      The Add New Key overlay is displayed.

  2. Specify the new public key using one of the following methods:

    • Select Upload a new SSH Public Key value and click Choose File to select a file that contains the public key.

    • Select Key value and specify the new public key value in the text area. Make sure the value does not contain line breaks or end with a line break.

  3. Click Add New Key.


Although you can add an SSH key using the action menu (Menu icon) for a database deployment, every SSH key provides system-wide access to the compute nodes that are associated with the database deployment. You are not required to add an SSH key for every database deployment, and you cannot create a specific association between an SSH key and a database deployment in order to provide isolated access to the database deployment.