dbaascli dbimage activateBP

The dbimage activateBP subcommand of the dbaascli utility activates the specified software image, making it the default software image for the corresponding software release in your Exadata Cloud Service environment.

Connect to the compute node as the opc user and execute this command as the root user.

# dbaascli dbimage activateBP --version software_version --bp software_bp [--cdb ( yes | no )]

In the preceding command:

  • software_version — specifies the Oracle Database software version. For example, 11204, 12102, 12201, 18000, 19000.

  • software_bp — identifies the bundle patch release. For example, APR2018, JAN2019, OCT2019, and so on.

  • --cdb — optionally specifies whether to activate a software image that supports the Oracle multitenant architecture. Default is yes. If you specify --cdb no, then the command acts on the software image that contains binaries to support non-container databases (non-CDB).

The command fails and outputs an error message if the specified software image is not already downloaded to your Exadata Cloud Service environment.