dbaascli patch db prereq

The dbpatchm prereq subcommand of the dbaascli utility is used to check the prerequisites for an Oracle Database or Oracle Grid Infrastructure patch.

Connect to a compute node as the opc user and run the command as the root user.

  • To check patch prerequisites on specific instances, use the following command:

    # dbaascli patch db prereq --patchid patchid 
    --instance1 hostname:oracle_home [--dbnames dbname[,dbname2 ...]]
  • To check patch prerequisites by specifying only database names, use the following command:

    # dbaascli patch db prereq --patchid patchid 
    --dbnames dbname[,dbname2 ...] [-alldbs]

In the preceding commands:

  • patchid identifies the patch to be pre-checked.


    For details about how to find the available patch identifiers, see Listing Available Patches.
  • --instance1 specifies a compute node and Oracle Home directory that is subject to the pre-check operation. In this context, the Oracle Home directory may be an Oracle Database home directory or the Oracle Grid Infrastructure home directory.

  • --dbnames specifies the database names for one or more databases that are the target of the pre-check operation.

  • -alldbs specifies that you want to pre-check all of the databases that share the same Oracle Database binaries (Oracle Home) as the specified databases.