dbaascli registerdb registry

The registerdb registry subcommand of the dbaascli utility generates the cloud registration file (creg.ini) that is used for registering a database.

Connect to a compute node as the opc user and run this command as the root user.

# dbaascli registerdb registry --action ( initialize | report ) --db dbname [ --udb dbuniquename ]

In the preceding command:

  • --action — specifies the action that you want to perform:

    • initialize generates the cloud registration file and distributes it to the required cloud registry location (under /var/opt/oracle/creg) on all of the cluster nodes.
    • report generates the cloud registration file and places it in a log file location (under /var/opt/oracle/log/registerdb/creg_report) so that you can review the contents.
  • dbname — specifies the database name (DB_NAME) of the database that you are registering.
  • dbuniquename — optionally specifies the globally unique name (DB_UNIQUE_NAME) of the database. You only need to specify this parameter of the unique name differs from the database name.