Data Mining

This section describes issues associated with data mining.

Inconsistent Naming of O-Cluster Algorithm

The o-cluster algorithm name used in a PL/SQL statement is slightly different from the quoted string used for creating the o-cluster algorithm.

For example, the PL/SQL string for creating the o-cluster algorithm is dbms_data_mining.algo_ocluster, while the quoted string for creating the o-cluster algorithm is ALGO_O_CLUSTER instead of ALGO_OCLUSTER.


Change ALGO_O_CLUSTER to ALGO_OCLUSTER to make it consistent with the PL/SQL constant dbms_data_mining.algo_ocluster.

Partitioned Model Functional Specification Clarification for SVD Settings

SVD solver can be set to SSVD or STEIGEN solver. Both settings work for the following:

  • svds_random_seed

  • svds_over_sampling

  • svds_power_iterations