About Exadata Express and Cloud Identity Domains

If you have no other Oracle Cloud services, then each new Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service you purchase will be provisioned into a new and distinct cloud identity domain (ID Domain). However, if you already have another Oracle Cloud service (platform or infrastructure), and you create an Exadata Express service for the first time, then Exadata Express will be provisioned automatically into your existing cloud ID Domain. This convenience makes Exadata Express more usable with other Oracle Cloud platform and infrastructure services.

Customers with multiple ID Domains may wish to consolidate their existing cloud services into fewer ID Domains. To move Exadata Express service from one ID Domain to another:

  1. Sign in to Order Management / My Account as the Account Administrator.

  2. Select the desired Exadata Express service.

  3. Navigate to the Identity Domain Administration page.

  4. Open the Relocate Service tab.

  5. Select the target ID Domain.

During the relocation process, all access to the service will be disabled. The data will be retained and all access URLs (for example, to the Service Console) will not change.

One important restriction on this behavior is that you can have only one single Exadata Express service in each ID Domain. In other words, you can relocate one Exadata Express into an existing platform or infrastructure ID Domain (or benefit from automatic placement if it is a new Exadata Express account), but you cannot merge multiple Exadata Express services into a single ID Domain.

For more information about the relocation process, see Relocating a Service Entitlement to Another Identity Domain in Managing and Monitoring Oracle Cloud.