What is Oracle GoldenGate Cloud?

Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service is a real-time cloud service for migrating, integrating, or off-loading data between cloud and cloud or cloud and non-cloud databases.

These databases include Oracle Database Cloud Service, Oracle Big Data Cloud Service, Oracle MySQL Cloud Service, and any database supported by Oracle GoldenGate. With Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service, you can quickly configure an Oracle GoldenGate environment in the cloud without having to set up the infrastructure or platform requirements by yourself.

When you create an Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service instance, the necessary compute infrastructure such as virtual machines and storage volumes is set up for you.

As soon as you provision your Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service account, you can access all features immediately and start preparing your data for replication. You don't need to set up a local environment.

What are the Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service Use Cases

Use Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service for:

  • Cloud on-boarding: Replicate on-premises data to new cloud applications in real-time using Oracle Database Cloud Service.

  • Real-time reporting: Capture real-time data from multiple data sources and deliver to Oracle Database Cloud Service for creating reports.

  • Query off-loading: Off-load production transactions to Oracle Database Cloud Service.

  • Real-time data warehousing: Replicate data to data warehouse repository in real-time.

  • High availability: Backup data to enable high availability for databases.

What are the Supported Topologies

You can configure Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service for real-time data movement with the following topologies:

  • One-to-one and bidirectional replication of on-premises to the cloud where local data is replicated in the cloud.

  • One-to-one, one-to-many (broadcast), and bidirectional replication of cloud data in the cloud.