Send Data from OCI GoldenGate to an On Premise Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate enables you to send data from an OCI GoldenGate deployment to an on premise or Marketplace Oracle GoldenGate deployment using a Receiver Server Path. The following steps guide you through how to set up and run this replication model.

Before You Begin

You must have the following in order to proceed:

  • An existing source database
  • An existing on premise or Marketplace Oracle GoldenGate instance
  • The Oracle GoldenGate client wallet password

Set Up and Run this Model

  1. Create an OCI GoldenGate deployment.
  2. Download the root certificate for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
    1. In your Chrome browser address bar, click the padlock icon, and then click Certificate (Verified).
    2. In the Certificate window, click Certification Path, select DigiCert, and then click View Certificate.
    3. Ensure that Issued reads DigiCert Global Root CA, click Details, and then Copy to File.
    4. In the Certificate Export Wizard, click Next, select Base-64 encoded X.509 (.CER), and then click Next.
    5. Click Browse to save the file to your local drive.
    6. Click Next, and then click Finish.
  3. Upload the certificate to the on premise Oracle GoldenGate wallet.
    1. Open a terminal window, and then navigate to the Oracle GoldenGate install directory.
    2. Change directories to the <deployment>/etc/ssl directory, and then change to the client wallet directory.
    3. Run orapki to add the certificate to the wallet.
      orapki wallet add -wallet ./ -trusted_cert -cert <certificate_name>
    4. When prompted, enter the wallet password.
  4. Restart the Oracle GoldenGate Distribution and Receiver Servers
    1. Open the Oracle GoldenGate Service Manager in your web browser.
    2. In the list of services, locate the Distribution Server, and then select Stop from its Action menu.
    3. Repeat step 4b for the Receiver Server.
    4. When the status is Stopped for both the Distribution and Receiver Servers, select Start from their Action menus to restart them.
  5. Add a Credential to allow Oracle GoldenGate to connect to OCI GoldenGate.
    1. Launch the OCI GoldenGate Deployment Console from the Deployment Details page.
    2. Log in, and then use the navigation menu to access the Administrator page.
    3. Click Add User, and then create a use that Oracle GoldenGate can use to connect to OCI GoldenGate. Assign this user the Operator role.
    4. In the on premise Oracle GoldenGate WebUI, navigate to the Administration Server Configuration page.
    5. Under the Database tab, click Add Credential, and then complete the following:
      • Credential Domain: Enter a name for this connection
      • Credential Alias: Enter an alias
      • User ID: Enter the name of the user created in step 5c.
      • Password and Verify Password: Enter the password associated with this user.
    6. Click Submit.
  6. Add a Receiver Server Path with the following:
    1. Path Name: Enter a name for this path
    2. Reverse Proxy enabled? Enable
    3. Use Basic Authentication: Enable
    4. Source Host: Enter the OCI GoldenGate hostname in the following format, <domain>.deployment.goldengate.<region>


      You can copy and paste the Console URL From your OCI GoldenGate Deployment Details page, and remove the https:// protocol.
    5. Source Trail Name: Enter the name of the OCI GoldenGate trail file to send to Oracle GoldenGate
    6. Source Deployment Name: Enter the OCI GoldenGate Deployment name
    7. Source Domain: Enter the domain name you created in step 5e
    8. Source Alias: Enter the alias you created in step 5e
    9. Target: Enter a two-character name for the Trail file when it is received by Oracle GoldenGate
  7. Monitor performance.