Replicate Data Between Cloud Databases in Different Regions

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate enables you to replicate data in supported OCI databases located in different regions. The following steps guide you through how to set up and run this replication model.

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Before You Begin

You must have the following in order to proceed:

Set Up and Run this Model

  1. Create an OCI GoldenGate deployment in each region. Ensure that you enable Create Public Endpoint in the Advanced Options.

    To see which regions OCI GoldenGate is available in, see Cloud Data Regions.

  2. Register your source and target databases.
  3. Launch the OCI GoldenGate Deployment Console from the Deployment Details page in your source region.
  4. Add Transaction Information and Checkpoint Tables.
  5. Add and run a Replicat.
  6. Launch the OCI GoldenGate Deployment Console from the Deployment Details page in your target region.
  7. Add the source GoldenGate credential. Ensure that it's the same as the database credential.
    1. In the navigation menu, click Configuration.
    2. On the Credentials page, click Add Credential, and then complete the fields to add the source OCI GoldenGate admin user.
    3. Click Submit.
  8. Create a Receiver Path, with the following field values:
    1. Source Authentication Method: UserID Alias
    2. Source Protocol: wss
    3. Source Host: <domain>.deployment.goldengate.<source-region>


      You can copy and paste the Console URL from the source Deployment Details page and remove the https:// protocol.
    4. Source Port Number: 443
    5. Source Trail Name: Enter the two character source trail name
    6. Source Domain: Enter the source OCI GoldenGate admin user name
    7. Source Alias: Enter the source OCI GoldenGate alias
    8. Target Trail: Enter a two character trail name for the target trail
  9. Verify the Distribution Path is created in the source region OCI GoldenGate Deployment Console.
  10. Start the Replicat in the target OCI GoldenGate Deployment Console.
  11. Monitor the replication.