Use Stream Analytics

If this is your first time using OCI GoldenGate Stream Analytics, use this information to get yourself started. If you already created your Stream Analytics deployment, you can skip directly to Launch the deployment console.

Stream and analyze taskflow

Task Description More information
Review Security best practices Develop a firm understanding of your responsibilities to keep your OCI GoldenGate deployments and connections secure. Securing OCI GoldenGate
Create OCI resources This task is typically performed by an administrator. Ensure that the required networking resources are created before you begin. Create Oracle Cloud resources
Create deployments A deployment is a container for your OCI GoldenGate resources.

Example OCI GoldenGate topologies

Create deployments

Create connections A connection contains the network connectivity details for a data source or target. About connections
Assign connections to deployments To use a connection as a source or target, you must assign it to a deployment. Create an association between connections and deployments
Launch the Stream Analytics console Create your data replication processes in the Stream Analytics console. Access Stream Analytics
Create a stream A Stream is a source of continuous and dynamic data. The data can be from a wide variety of data sources such as IoT sensors to information from geospatial services or social networks. Create Streams
Create a pipeline A pipeline includes a sequence of data processing stages such as, Query, Pattern, Rule, Query Group, Custom, and Scoring. Create a Pipeline
Add Business Logic Transform the input data stream, add business logic to the pipeline to analyze the input data stream.

See Transform

See Analyze

Publish the Pipeline To make the pipeline available for all the users of Oracle Stream Analytics and send data to targets, you must publish a pipeline. Publishing a Pipeline