Help Desk Administrator

To grant an application access to the Oracle Identity Cloud Service REST API, you must first know the allowed operations that you need the application to access. Then, assign the AppRoles with access to those operations to your application.

The following table displays the endpoints and the allowed operations for that endpoint that a Help Desk Administrator AppRole can access.

Endpoint Allowed Operations
Apps GET/<ID>
AnalyticEvents GET/<ID>
AuditEvents GET/<ID>
AuthenticationFactorsRemover POST
Bulk ALL
BulkUserPasswordChanger ALL
BulkUserPasswordResetter ALL
BypassCodeNotifications POST
BypassCodes POST
IDSGroups GET/<ID>
Images ALL
Groups GET/<ID>
Requests GET(Search), POST
UserActivationInitiator ALL
UserAppsEnabledForAuthentication GET/<ID>
UserLockedStateChanger ALL
UserPasswordChanger ALL
UserPasswordGenerator ALL
UserPasswordResetter ALL
UserPasswordValidator ALL
Users GET/<ID>
UserStateChanger ALL