Account Management Info REST Endpoints

Apps/Account Management Info
Use this internal endpoint to manage information for an account that is granted to a user. The AccountMgmtInfo endpoint keeps track of various pieces of information such as the owner of the account, the application in which the account is granted, when the account was last accessed, whether the account is a favorite of the user and other attributes such as when and by whom the account was granted or modified. AccountMgmtInfo is the base entity on top of which /MyApps and /UserApps endpoints have been implemented to retrieve Apps granted to a user using various search criteria.

Added In Release: 17.3.6
Get Account Mgmt Info
Method: get
Path: /admin/v1/AccountMgmtInfos/{id}
HTTP Options
Method: options
Path: /admin/v1/AccountMgmtInfos
Search Account Mgmt Info
Method: get
Path: /admin/v1/AccountMgmtInfos
Search Account Mgmt Info Using POST
Method: post
Path: /admin/v1/AccountMgmtInfos/.search