Delete an Enrolled MFA Factor




Path Parameters
  • Unique Identifier of an enrolled factor. In case of SECURITY_QUESTIONS method, the factorId is set to 'SecurityQuestions'
  • Unique identifier of a user who wants to delete an enrolled factor.
Header Parameters
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204 Response

Indicates successful deletion of the MFA factor.

401 Response

Indicates unauthorized access if the token provided is invalid or if the user doesn't own the factorId that was provided.

404 Response

Indicates that the factorId provided is invalid.

500 Response

Internal Server error
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The following example shows how to delete an enrolled factor by submitting a DELETE request on the REST resource using cURL. You can add, remove, or update custom security questions, but you can't remove or change the set of pre-seeded questions. For more information about cURL, see Use cURL.

cURL Command


There is an Oracle Identity Cloud Service Factor Enrollment Postman collection available. Download the collection and example environment with variables from the idcs-factor-enrollment-api folder within GitHub and import them into a REST client.


The command in this example uses the URL structure https://tenant-base-url/resource-path, where tenant-base-url represents the Identity Service URL, and the resource path represents the Identity Service API. See Send Requests for the appropriate URL structure to use.
-H "Authorization: Bearer <Access Token Value>"

Example of Response Body

The following example shows the contents of the response body in JSON format:

  "status": 204,
  "response": {
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