Activate and Deactivate an Identity Provider

You can use Oracle Identity Cloud Service to activate and deactivate an identity provider.

Deactivating an identity provider prevents users from being able to use the identity provider to access their Oracle Cloud services externally from a different login page than the one associated with their local Oracle Cloud account.

Activating an identity provider reinstates users to use the identity provider.

After you activate an identity provider, you can assign the identity provider to an identity provider policy. An identity provider policy allows you to define criteria that Oracle Identity Cloud Service uses to determine whether the identity provider appears for users on the Sign In page, either when they're accessing a specific app or attempting to access resources that are protected by Oracle Identity Cloud Service, such as the My Profile console or the Identity Cloud Service console.

See Understand Identity Provider Policies for more information about identity provider policies, and Add an Identity Provider Policy to learn more about assigning identity providers to an identity provider policy.