Add an Identity Provider Policy

Oracle Identity Cloud Service provides you with a wizard to add an identity provider policy. As a result, you define criteria that Oracle Identity Cloud Service uses to determine which identity providers are available for users to authenticate against Oracle Identity Cloud Service when they're accessing particular apps.

Criteria that you can define for an identity provider policy include:
  • The user name of the user
  • The IP address that the user is using to sign in to Oracle Identity Cloud Service
  • The identity providers that will be available to the user to access Oracle Identity Cloud Service

This wizard contains the following panes:

  • Details: Provide the name and description for the policy.

  • Identity Provider Rules: Assign or remove identity providers for this policy.

  • Apps: Assign or remove apps for this policy.

  1. In the Identity Cloud Service console, expand the Navigation Drawer, select Security, IDP Policies.


    In the Identity Provider Policies page, Oracle Identity Cloud Service provides you with a default identity provider policy. See Understand Identity Provider Policies for more information about this policy.
  2. On the Identity Provider Policies page, click Add.
  3. On the Add Identity Provider Policy wizard, Details pane, enter the name of the policy in the Policy Name field, then, click Next The Next button..

    After providing information in the Details pane and clicking Next The Next button., Oracle Identity Cloud Service adds the identity provider policy.

    You may want to assign or remove identity providers or apps for this policy. To do this, the wizard has the Identity Provider Rules and Apps panes.

  4. In the Identity Provider Rules pane of the wizard, click Add Rules to assign identity providers to this policy.
  5. Use the following table to populate the Add Rules dialog box:
  6. Click Save.
  7. To add another identity provider rule to this policy, repeat step 5 above.

    Note: If you have added multiple identity provider rules to this policy, then you can change the order that will Oracle Identity Cloud Service evaluate them. See Change the Priority of an Identity Provider Rule for the Policy.

  8. When you are finished adding identity provider rules, click Next The Next button..
  9. In the Apps pane of the wizard, click Assign to assign apps to this policy.
  10. In the Assign Apps dialog box, select the check box for each app that you want to assign to the policy, then, click OK.


    You can assign only one identity provider policy to an app. If the app isn't assigned to any identity provider policy explicitly, then the default identity provider policy applies to the app.

    You can remove apps from the policy by selecting the check box for each app that you want to remove, clicking Remove, and then clicking OK from the confirmation window.

  11. Click Finish.