Assigning Applications to the User Account

After viewing details about a user account, you can modify the account by assigning applications to it.

  1. In the Identity Cloud Service console, expand the Navigation Drawer, and then click Users.
  2. Click the user account that you want to modify.
  3. Click Access.
  4. Click Assign.
  5. In the Assign Applications window, click Assign for each application that you want to assign to the user account.


    The Active icon for each application on the Access tab represents the active status of the user account and not the application status. The status remains active as long as the user account is active, regardless of whether the application is active or inactive.
  6. Click OK.


    If you have enabled and configured synchronization for an App Catalog app, and assigned the app to a user account, then you can activate or deactivate the user's account with the app. To do so:
    1. Click the Action menu Action menu to the right of the App Catalog app that you assigned to the user.

    2. Click Activate or Deactivate.

    3. In the Activate Account? or Deactivate Account? window, click OK.

    See Enabling Synchronization for an App Catalog Application for more information about enabling and configuring synchronization for App Catalog apps to manage the lifecycle of user accounts with the app.