Change Default Settings

Default settings are applied to your entire identity domain in the Cloud. You can specify settings such as the time zone, password recovery email, and language.

To open this page, you must be assigned the identity domain administrator role or the security administrator role.
  1. In the Identity Cloud Service console, expand the Navigation Drawer, click Settings, and then click Default Settings.
  2. Set the locale. Users can override the default time zone and language settings in the My Profile Details tab in the My Profile console.
    • To specify a default time zone, from the Timezone Setting drop-down list, select a time zone.
    • To specify a default language, from the Language Setting drop-down list, select a language.


      Choose the language of the target audience. Do not choose a country-specific language unless you are targeting a specific country. For example, choose French to display the text to all French users. Choose French (Canada) to display the text to all Canadian French users but not other French speaking users.
  3. Set the Access Signing Certificate option.
    • Turn on this option to allow clients to access the tenant signing certificate without logging in to Oracle Identity Cloud Service.
    • Turn off this option to prevent clients from accessing the tenant signing certificate until they authenticate by logging in to Oracle Identity Cloud Service.
  4. In the Email Addresses field, provide the default contact email addresses.
    These email addresses appear in notifications sent to users. Enter the email addresses that you want users to contact if they need help. To separate multiple email addresses, use a comma.
  5. Select Audit Retention Interval as either 30, 60 or 90 days. The tenant will purge the audit data for all the users, based on the interval set here. As an administrator, when you delete a user, you can manually purge the audit data of that user by entering the GUID. The entire audit data of that user will be deleted permanently from the Tenant.
  6. Click Save.