Change Session Settings

To specify the session expiration and the logout URL for an identity domain, use the Sessions Settings page.

To open this page, you must be assigned the identity domain administrator role or the security administrator role.
  1. In the Identity Cloud Service console, expand the Navigation Drawer, click Settings, and then click Session Settings..
  2. In the Session Expiry field, enter a duration in minutes.
  3. In the Login URL field, enter the URl where you want the user redirected to log in.
    For example, enter /ui/v1/signin.
  4. In the Logout URL field, enter a logout URL.
    For example, to redirect the user to the My Profile console, enter /ui/v1/myconsole.
  5. In the Error URL field, enter the tenant specific Error page URL to which a user has to be redirected, in case of a failure. This URL is considered when the Application specific Custom Error URL is not specified for an Application.
  6. In the Social Linking Callback URL field, enter the URL that Oracle Identity Cloud Service can redirect to after linking of a user between social providers and Oracle Identity Cloud Service is complete. This URL is considered when the Application specific Social Linking Callback URL is not specified for an Application.
  7. Select the Allow Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) option to allow client applications that run on one domain to obtain data from another domain.
    CORS creates a way for the browser and the server to interact to determine whether to allow requests to external domains. The CORS standard adds new HTTP headers that allow servers to describe the set of origins that are permitted to read information using a web browser.
  8. In the Allowed CORS Domain Names box, enter the external domain names that are allowed for CORS operations. Use a comma-delimited list to enter more than one domain, for example: domain1, domain2, domain3.
  9. Click Save.