Create a Provisioning Bridge

By creating a Provisioning Bridge, you establish a link between Oracle Identity Cloud Service and your on-premises apps.

To create this bridge, you must:

  • Use the Identity Cloud Service console to add the bridge

  • Install the client for the bridge

To add a Provisioning Bridge, you must be assigned to either the identity domain administrator role or the security administrator role. See Add or Remove a User Account from an Administrator Role for more information about assigning administrator roles to users.

After adding the Provisioning Bridge, you install the client for the bridge on a Microsoft Windows or generic machine. A generic machine has Java 8 installed on it and supports Bash shell.

Installing the client for the Provisioning Bridge includes providing administrative credentials for Oracle Identity Cloud Service, including the URL for the Oracle Identity Cloud Service identity domain, Client ID, and Client Secret. The Provisioning Bridge requires these credentials to access Oracle Identity Cloud Service as an administrator.