Deprecated Oracle Identity Cloud Service Software Appliances

Learn about deprecated software appliances in Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

Service Change Announcement

App Gateway Replaces App Gate

The software appliance App Gate has been replaced with App Gateway. As of August 2019, App Gate has been replaced with App Gateway. Both the App Gate and the App Gateway solutions are software appliances that you can use to provide Single Sign-On (SSO) and authorization for your on-premises applications. This enables you to use one appliance to provide SSO for multiple applications by allowing external users to access internal applications securely without needing a VPN client. There’s no change in functionality between the old App Gate and the new App Gateway solution. However, as a customer you will need to replace App Gate with App Gateway and reconfigure your supported applications. Technical support for App Gate will end after August 15, 2021. See Manage Oracle Identity Cloud Service App Gateways and see Download and Extract the App Gateway Binary File to download the App Gateway and to ensure that you are using the latest version of App Gateway.