Generate Personal Access Tokens

An access token is an authorization that's used by a client application to access an API or a resource application within a limited period of time.

The time-bound access tokens inform the resource application that the client is authorized to access the application and perform specific actions specified by the scope that's granted.

You can download access tokens only if an identity domain administrator assigns administrator roles or resource applications to your user account.

To generate personal access tokens:
  1. Access Oracle Identity Cloud Service console, click the avatar icon on the top-right corner, and then click My Access Tokens.
  2. You can download an access token in the following ways:
    • Select Invokes Identity Cloud Service APIs to specify the available administrator roles that are assigned to you. The APIs from the specified administrator roles will be included in the token.
    • Select Invokes other APIs to select confidential applications that are assigned to the user account.
      1. Click Select an Application to add a configured confidential resource application. On the Select an Application window, the list of assigned confidential applications displays.
      2. Click applications to select them, and then click Add. The My Access Tokens page lists the added applications.
  3. In the Token Expires in (Mins) field, select or enter how long (in minutes) the access token you're generating can be used before it expires. You can choose to keep the default number or specify between 1 and 527,040.
  4. Click Download Token. The access token is generated and downloaded to your local machine as a tokens.tok file.