Install the Linux-PAM

To install the Oracle Identity Cloud Service Linux Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) on your Linux environment, you install the PAM rpms along with some dependencies:

  1. Extract the downloaded zip file to a directory of your choice. This will extract the pam_cloud.rpm and authn_oracle_cloud.rpm.
  2. Check the curl and json-c Linux dependencies are installed:
    • As the root user, run the following commands:
      • yum list installed | grep curl.x86_64
      • yum list installed | grep json-c.x86_64
    • If they are not installed, run the following commands:
      • yum install json-c
      • yum install curl
  3. Change to the directory where you extracted the zip file:
    • cd <folder_where_pam_oracle-cloud.pam_resides>
  4. Install the PAM rpm's as the root user.
    • If using yum:
      • yum install pam_oracle-cloud.rpm authn-oracle-cloud.rpm
    • If using rpm:
      • rpm -Uvh pam_oracle-cloud.rpm authn-oracle-cloud.rpm
    A successful installation will install the following files:
    • /etc/opc.conf
    • /lib64/
    • /lib64/security/
    • /lib64/
    • /lib64/
    • /lib64/
    • /lib64/
    • /lib64/
    • /lib64/
    • /lib64/
    • /usr/bin/walletMgr