Modify Applications

After configuring, you can modify Oracle and custom applications to assign users and groups, edit high-level information, import users and groups into the applications, export users and groups from applications, and perform specific configuration tasks for custom applications.

To modify applications:
  1. In the Identity Cloud Service admin console, expand the Navigation Drawer, and then click Applications.
  2. Click the application you want to modify. The Applications page expands to open a sub page that displays high-level information about the application.

    You can perform the following tasks in Oracle and custom applications:

    • Oracle Applications:

      • Assign users and groups.

      • Remove users and groups.

        The Groups and Users tabs are used to display groups and users assigned to application roles of an Oracle application. Although you can filter and sort this list of users and groups, you can't modify the list. You can't edit values that appear in these tabs.

      • Import Users and Groups for Oracle Application Roles.

      • Export Users and Groups for Oracle Application Roles.


        If you assign user accounts to Oracle application roles and then deactivate the accounts, Oracle Identity Cloud Service prevents the users from accessing the roles. To enable the users to access the Oracle application roles to which they are assigned, activate the user accounts. See Activate User Accounts and Deactivate User Accounts.
      • View High-Level Information

      See Modify Oracle Applications.

    • Custom Applications:

      • Assign users and groups.

      • Remove users and groups.

      • Edit high-level information and configuration information.

      • Edit Web Tier Policies for Trusted Applications.

      • Regenerating a Client Secret and generating tokens for Trusted Applications

      • Edit single sign-on (SSO) configuration for SAML Applications.

      See Modify Custom Applications.