Modify a Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Bridge

You can change the following items for a Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Bridge:

  • The AD users and groups that you want Oracle Identity Cloud Service to import using the AD Bridge.

  • Whether, after a user or group is synchronized from AD to Oracle Identity Cloud Service, if you activate or deactivate a user, modify the user's attribute values, or change the group memberships for the user in Oracle Identity Cloud Service, these changes will be propagated to AD.
  • How often you want Oracle Identity Cloud Service to use the AD Bridge to import users and groups from AD.

  • The predefined and custom attribute mappings defined between AD and Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

  • Whether users can use their AD or their Oracle Identity Cloud Service passwords, or their federated accounts, to sign in to Oracle Identity Cloud Service to access resources protected by Oracle Identity Cloud Service, such as the My Profile console, Identity Cloud Service console, and apps assigned to the users.


You can upgrade the client for the AD Bridge. By doing this, you can install the latest client without removing the existing client that's installed.

To upgrade the client, download it and follow the instructions in Create a Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Bridge. When you see the Specify Identity Cloud Service Credentials or the Specify Microsoft Active Directory Credentials dialog boxes, the client will use the credentials you provided in the previous installation. For this reason, the values are greyed out so they can't be edited.