Organize the Report Data

With Oracle Identity Cloud Service, you can organize the report data to increase your efficiency by:

  • Filtering the report data: After you run a report, Oracle Identity Cloud Service displays the report data in tabular form, which can sometimes contain a large amount of data. Instead of scrolling through many report pages for the information that you need, refine the data by filtering it. For example, view all the report data that Oracle Identity Cloud Service recorded over a designated time interval. Or, customize a date or time range to see this data.

  • Sorting the report data: Sort the report data in the table in ascending or descending order. Place the mouse pointer in a column heading to see an up-arrow button. Click the up-arrow button once to sort the data in ascending order, and click the button again to sort the data in descending order.

  • Oracle Identity Cloud Service supports CSV, JSON, and PDF report generation. However, the result count for the PDF report is restricted to 1000 rows. For any report exceeding 1000 rows, only the CSV download is available.