Set up E-Business Suite Mobile Applications

You can authenticate Oracle E-Business Suite mobile applications such as Approvals for EBS with Oracle Identity Cloud Service, when your Oracle E-Business Suite is making use of Identity Cloud Service E-Business Suite Asserter.

By doing so, when users open the mobile application and try to access Oracle E-Business Suite information, the asserter uses Oracle Identity Cloud Service to authenticate these users through the mobile application.

This set up is valid for the following Oracle E-Business Suite mobile applications:

  • Custom mobile applications based on Oracle Mobile Application Framework (Oracle MAF).
  • Approvals for EBS from Oracle America, Inc.
  • Oracle Fusion Expenses from Oracle America, Inc.

Before You Begin

You need to make sure you have configured the E-Business Suite mobile application to work with your Oracle E-Business Suite.

  • For Oracle E-Business Suite version 12.1.3 and version 12.2, apply or validate if mobile application patches have been applied as per Oracle E-Business Suite documentation. If you use Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.8, you can skip applying the patches as those are already included.
  • To execute the following configurations, you need to log in to Oracle E-Business Suite with any user (excluding sysadmin) assigned to Mobile Applications Manager role.

You don't need to configure Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle Access Manager (OAM) Access Gate. Identity Cloud Service E-Business Suite Asserter replaces OAM Access Gate as the authentication mechanism for your Oracle E-Business Suite.

Configure E-Business Suite for Mobile Applications

Configure Oracle E-Business Suite to enable E-Business Suite mobile applications to authenticate with Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

  1. Access the drawer icon (E-Business Suite version 12.2.8) or navigator icon (E-Business Suite version 12.1/12.2), select Mobile Applications Manager, and then select Applications.
  2. Search for Application Name. For example, EBS Approvals.
  3. In the results list, click the Configure icon for the application. For example, EBS Approvals.
  4. In the Configure Mobile Application page, expand the Connection Settings.
  5. Select Sub Category as AppsSSO Login.
  6. Expand the Connection Settings category, and then update the parameters as follows:
    • LoginURL: %APPS_AUTH_AGENT%/login/sso
    • LogoutURL: %APPS_AUTH_AGENT%/logout/sso
    • LoginSuccessURL: %APPS_AUTH_AGENT%/login/sso
  7. Click Apply.
After you save the changes, restart Oracle E-Business Suite.

Test Authentication for E-Business Suite Mobile Applications

Test the authentication of the Oracle E-Business mobile applications in scenarios in which E-Business Suite uses Identity Cloud Service E-Business Suite Asserter.

If you configured E-Business Suite Mobile Applications to make use of Oracle Identity Cloud Service EBS Asserter, then you perform the following test:
  1. Use your mobile device to open the Oracle E-Business mobile application and access a protected feature.
    The mobile device opens Oracle Identity Cloud Service Sign In page.
  2. Sign in to Oracle Identity Cloud Service.
    After successful authentication, the mobile application completes the login process and activates the requested feature.

The mobile application completes the login flow and shows the protected feature only if it detects a successful return that redirects to the URL configured in the Login Success URL parameter.