Typical Workflow for Managing Oracle Identity Cloud Service Multi-Factor Authentication Settings

Use the MFA and Factors pages within the Security tab in Oracle Identity Cloud Service to perform tasks such as configuring MFA settings and configuring the authentication factors that you want to use.

Task Description Additional Information

Understand MFA

Learn about MFA and the types of authentication factors that are supported in Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

Understand Multi-Factor Authentication

Enable MFA

Enable MFA by adding a sign-on rule for MFA.

Add a Sign-On Policy

Configure MFA

Configure overall MFA policy settings such as the type of factors that you want to allow and compliance policies using the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Settings page.

Configure Authentication Factors

Disable MFA

Disable MFA by deactivating the MFA sign-on rule.

Deactivate Sign-On Policies

You can access the Configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) infographic to see how to enable and configure MFA.

You can enable, manage, and disable MFA by using:

  • The Oracle Identity Cloud Service administration console

  • SCIM-based APIs

In the following sections, you learn how to manage MFA by using the Oracle Identity Cloud Service administration console.

For more information about how to use SCIM APIs, see REST API for Oracle Identity Cloud Service.