View Details About an Identity Provider Policy

Learn about the details of an Identity Provider.

By default, you can see the name, description, and activation status of each sign-on policy you added to Oracle Identity Cloud Service. You can also see other information about the policy, such as the rules added to the policy and any apps assigned to the policy.

  1. In the Identity Cloud Service console, expand the Navigation Drawer, click Security, and then click IDP Policies.
  2. In the Identity Provider Policies page, click the Action menuAction menu to the right of the identity provider policy about which you want to see more information, and then select Edit.
    The policy opens and displays three tabs: Details, Identity Providers, and Apps.
  3. To view high-level information about the identity provider policy, such as the policy name, click the Details tab.
  4. To view applications assigned to the policy, click the Apps tab.
  5. To view identity providers assigned to the policy:, click Identity Provider Rules or Apps, respectively.
    1. Click the Action menuAction menu for a rule and select Edit.
    2. In the Edit... dialog box, scroll down to the Allowed Identity Providers section.
    3. View assigned identity providers in the Assign Identity Providers box.