View Details About a Provisioning Bridge

By default, in the Provisioning Bridges page, you can see the name, description, and statuses for each Provisioning Bridge.

You can also see other information about a Provisioning Bridge, such as its Identity Cloud Service URL, version number, Client ID, and Client Secret, any apps assigned to the bridge, and any connectors that are used by the bridge to communicate between the apps and Oracle Identity Cloud Service.


See Create a Provisioning Bridge for more information about the Provisioning Bridge’s Identity Cloud Service URL, Client ID, and Client Secret.
  1. In the Identity Cloud Service console, expand the Navigation Drawer, click Settings, and then click Provisioning Bridges.
  2. Click the bridge about which you want to view additional information.
  3. Click Details.
    In this tab, you see information about the Provisioning Bridge, including its name, description, Identity Cloud Service URL, version number, and Client ID. By clicking Show Secret, you can see the Client Secret for the Provisioning Bridge in clear text. By clicking Regenerate, you can regenerate the Secret for this bridge.
  4. Click Apps.
    In this tab, you can see a list of apps assigned to the Provisioning Bridge. You can assign additional apps to this bridge or change the bridge associated with the apps. See Assign a Provisioning Bridge to Apps and Change the Provisioning Bridge Assigned to Apps.


    For load-balancing purposes, Oracle suggests that you don't assign more than 10 apps to a Provisioning Bridge. To maintain more apps, create another Provisioning Bridge.
  5. Click Connectors.
    In this tab, you can see any connectors that the Provisioning Bridge uses to communicate with the apps. See Start a Provisioning Bridge.