Why use the Oracle Identity Cloud Service Linux Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM)

Use the Oracle Identity Cloud Service Linux Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) when you want to authenticate users in Linux using Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

An organization may have large numbers of Linux servers, making management of users, for example creating, modifying, or deleting users, a time intensive and costly activity. With the Linux PAM you can manage Linux users centrally in Oracle Identity Cloud Service, providing cost and time savings.

Linux administrators can utilize Oracle Identity Cloud Service to authenticate end users. End users can log in to a Linux server, for example with SSH, and authenticate with their Oracle Identity Cloud Service user credentials. In addition, the multi-factor authentication offerings of Oracle Identity Cloud Service can be utilized so end users are prompted to authenticate with a second factor such as a One Time Password code sent via Email, SMS, a Mobile Authenticator application, or authenticate via security questions. As well as authenticating with single or multiple factors, administrators and end users can use NSS and standard Linux commands to query user and group information.

An end user connecting to Linux with SSH and authenticating with multi-factor authentication using Oracle Identity Cloud Service