Set Up a Mobile Number as an Authentication Method

Enroll your mobile number as a 2–Step Verification method.

When multi-factor authentication (MFA) is enabled, the first time that you log in, the Select Your Default 2-Step Verification Method flow appears after you enter your user name and password.
  1. Enter your name and password to log in to an Oracle Identity Cloud Service console where 2-step verification has been enabled.
  2. On the Enable 2-Step Verification introduction page, click Enable 2-Step Verification.
    The authentication methods available to you appear on the Select Your Default 2-Step Verification Method page.
  3. Click Mobile SMS.
  4. Enter the mobile number where you want to receive the passcode, and then click Send Passcode.
    Oracle Identity Cloud Service sends a passcode by SMS to your mobile device.
  5. Enter the passcode into the Passcode box, and then click Verify Mobile Device.

    The Successfully Enrolled page appears.

    If you do not receive a text, click Resend.

  6. (Optional) To set up an additional method during enrollment, select another method from the bottom of the page, and then walk through the enrollment process for that method. Alternatively, you can set up additional methods later using the Security tab in the Oracle Identity Cloud Service My Profile console.
  7. Click Done.