SAP Ariba Adapter Capabilities

The SAP Ariba Adapter is a predefined adapter included with Oracle Integration Cloud Service. Use the SAP Ariba Adapter to manage your business-to-business (B2B) transactions.

SAP Ariba is a cloud-based B2B application that is used to connect buyers and sellers. The application allows sellers to manage their catalogs, bids, purchases, and invoices and provides buyers with the ability to search for suppliers, negotiate savings, procure goods and services, and track spending. SAP Ariba can improve the efficiency of your requisition to pay and catalog to cash processes. SAP Ariba integrates with your E-procurement system to provide a fast shopping experience that offers greater control over goods and services purchasing, encourages collaboration with suppliers, and ensures catalog and contract compliance. The user interface makes it easy for users to list and compare items from preferred providers at preferred prices. SAP Ariba seamlessly connects buyers and sellers with end-to-end connectivity on order fulfillment, confirmations, and shipping notices.

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