4 Adding the DB2 Adapter Connection to an Integration

When you drag the DB2 Adapter into an integration, the Adapter Endpoint Configuration Wizard appears. This wizard guides you through configuration of DB2 Adapter endpoint properties.

The following sections describe the wizard pages that guide you through configuration of the DB2 Adapter as a trigger and an invoke in an integration.


For general information about the DB2 Adapter, see DB2 Adapter Capabilities.


  • The DB2 Adapter does not support the regeneration of WSDL artifacts. See Regenerating a WSDL File for Integrations (in Using Oracle Integration Cloud Service).

  • You cannot edit the existing trigger DB2 Adapter settings or delete or re-import the previously configured DB2 Adapter tables. To modify an existing integration, delete the connection, drag the DB2 Adapter to the trigger or invoke area of the integration, and reconfigure the DB2 Adapter endpoint properties.