Oracle WebLogic JMS Adapter Capabilities

The Oracle WebLogic JMS Adapter enables you to integrate Oracle WebLogic JMS with Oracle Integration Cloud Service through use of the on-premises connectivity agent. Using the Oracle WebLogic JMS Adapter, Oracle Integration Cloud Service can consume messages for processing from Oracle WebLogic JMS in Oracle Integration Cloud Service and produce messages to Oracle WebLogic JMS from Oracle Integration Cloud Service. The Oracle WebLogic JMS Adapter can be configured as an outbound (invoke) or inbound (trigger) connection in an integration.

The Oracle WebLogic JMS Adapter provides the following capabilities:

  • Supports JMS queues, a point-to-point messaging domain in which messages are exchanged through a queue and each message is delivered to only one receiver.

  • Supports both text and byte JMS message types.

  • Supports opaque and XML schema payloads.

  • Supports both consume message (inbound) and produce message (outbound) features. The consume message polls for incoming messages on a queue and the produce message publishes a message to a queue.

The JMS server is certified on single node topologies in which the administration server and managed server are the same.

The Oracle WebLogic JMS Adapter is one of many predefined adapters included with Oracle Integration Cloud Service. You can configure the Oracle WebLogic JMS Adapter as an invoke or trigger connection in an integration in Oracle Integration Cloud Service. For information about Oracle Integration Cloud Service, connections, and integrations, see the following sections: