Prerequisites for Creating a Connection

You must satisfy the following prerequisites to create a connection with the Oracle Logistics Adapter:

  • Ensure your Oracle Logistics Cloud instance is version 6.4.2 or greater.

  • Create a user account in Oracle Logistics Cloud with the INTEGRATION role. You specify this user account when creating an Oracle Logistics Adapter connection on the Connections page of Oracle Integration Cloud Service. See Oracle Logistics Cloud.

  • Obtain the WSDL to use from Oracle Logistics Cloud by going to Business Process Automation > Integration > Integration Manager > Retrieve WSDLs.

    The Oracle Logistics Cloud only supports the TransmissionService WSDL. Save the TransmissionService WSDL to a file and subsequently import it into Oracle Integration Cloud Service when creating the connection.

  • Send data from Oracle Logistics Cloud to another system through Oracle Integration Cloud Service. This action can be performed by calling the Oracle Integration Cloud Service web service for the necessary integration. An external system should be created in Oracle Logistics Cloud that points to the Oracle Integration Cloud Service endpoint, which can be obtained from an activated integration in Oracle Integration Cloud Service. To improve performance, use Out XML profiles to limit the amount of data sent to Oracle Integration Cloud Service. The Oracle Logistics Cloud FA domain includes two sample external system records (OM ICS SERVICE and WSH ICS SERVICE) as examples.

  • Configure web service security and authentication. See the Security Guide located in the Transportation and Global Trade Management Documentation Web Library and the "Integrating with Other Systems” chapter of the Oracle Transportation Management Cloud Service Getting Started Guide in the Oracle Logistics Cloud Library for details.