Oracle Integration Cloud Service uses a certificate authority (CA) certificate, issued by Verisign, to enable clients to connect securely to the server.


Ensure that you have the appropriate log-in credentials for administering Oracle Integration Cloud Service, as described in Managing Users and Roles.

You access the Oracle Integration Cloud Service REST resources over HTTPS and must provide the following information for authentication:
  • An SSL certificate authority (CA) certificate file or bundle to authenticate against the Verisign CA certificate.

  • User name and password for your Oracle Integration Cloud Service account.

ICS User Roles

The following table provides a list of Oracle Integration Cloud Service user role requirements:

API Required Security Role of ICS User
/icsapis/application.wadl all
/icsapis/v1/monitoring integrationservicedeveloper, integrationservicemonitor
/icsapis/v2/monitoring integrationservicedeveloper, integrationservicemonitor
/icsapis/v1/earlyuptake integrationserviceadmin
/icsapis/v1/runrequests integrationserviceadmin, integrationservicedeveloper
/icsapis/v2/certificates integrationserviceadmin
/icsapis/v2/recoverconfig integrationserviceadmin
/icsapis/v2/environment/trackingdb integrationserviceadmin
/icsapis/v2/environment/database integrationserviceadmin
/icsapis/v2/runrequests integrationserviceadmin, integrationservicedeveloper
/icsapis/v2/usage integrationservicedeveloper, integrationservicemonitor, integrationserviceadmin
[all others] integrationservicedeveloper

For example, to authenticate using cURL:

  • Set the cURL environment variable, CURL_CA_BUNDLE, to the location of your local CA certificate bundle. For information about CA certificate verification using cURL, see:

  • Pass the user name and password for your Oracle Integration Cloud Service account (for example, jstein and welcome1) using the -u cURL option.

The following example cURL command imports and adds an integration. Change to the host in your Service URL as described in Send Requests.
curl -X POST -u jstein:welcome1 -H "Content-Type:application/json" \
-F file=@"TestProject.iar;type=application/octet-stream" \