Retrieves monitoring audit records based on query



Retrieves a monitoring audit records based on query.


Supported Media Types
Query Parameters
  • Filter parameters. limit:'' Number of records to fetch. Default, 15 records are fetched. type:'' Exact or like match of resource type. Default, records of all types of resources are fetched. Type values: ICS_AppInstance, ICS_DVM, ICS_ProjectV2, ICS_AgentDefinition, ICS_AgentInstance, ICS_Schedule, API_LIBRARY, ICS_PACKAGE. distinct:'' Boolean to indicate, fetch distinct records of a resource. Default, distinct is false. Examples: {limit: '10', type:/ICS_AppInstance/} or {limit: '20', type:/ICS_ProjectV2/, distinct: 'true'}


Supported Media Types

200 Response

Successful operation
Body ()
Root Schema : monitoringaudit
Type: object
Show Source
Nested Schema : items
Type: array
Show Source
Nested Schema : monitoringauditrecord
Type: object
Show Source

404 Response

Not found

500 Response

Server error