Oracle RightNow Cloud Adapter Capabilities

The Oracle RightNow Cloud Adapter enables you to create an integration with an Oracle RightNow Cloud application.

Oracle RightNow Cloud applications enable organizations to combine web, social network, and contact center customer experiences into a unified, cross-channel service solution in Oracle Cloud. Oracle RightNow Cloud provides the following benefits:
  • Integrates easily with the Oracle RightNow application’s WSDL file to produce a simplified, integration-centric WSDL.

  • Generates automatic mapping to the exposed business object or event subscription that you select during adapter configuration:
    • Business object: Represents a self-contained business document that can be acted upon by the integration. An integration can send requests to create a new record for that business object. They can send a request either to update or delete an existing record for a business object. Integrations can also send requests to retrieve information about one or more records representing that business object.

    • Event subscription: Represents an event document to which you subscribe when the Oracle RightNow Cloud Adapter is configured in the trigger (source) direction. The event subscription is raised by the Oracle RightNow application.

  • Supports the RightNow Object Query Language (ROQL) to query metadata information when the Oracle RightNow Cloud Adapter is configured in the invoke direction.

  • Supports custom attributes (new RightNow concept custom attributes and custom fields with the default c package) in business objects to make use of the Oracle RightNow application’s support for custom attributes. Note the following details:

    • Custom attributes and custom fields are visible in a hierarchal structure in the Oracle Mapper. For example, assume you create an integration in which you select the Contact business object on the Request page of the Adapter Endpoint Configuration Wizard. If you then go to the Oracle Mapper, and expand the Contact element, an element called ContactCustomFields is displayed. If you expand this element, you see that custom attributes are visible in a hierarchal structure in the tree. Custom attributes are also visible as part of custom packages in the Oracle Mapper.

    • If you have a prebuilt integration from an earlier release of Oracle Integration Cloud Service that contained business objects that now support custom attributes, those attributes are now visible in the Oracle Mapper after you regenerate the artifacts for the integration. However, they are not displayed in a hierarchal structure, but rather the flat structure of previous releases (not under any package). See Regenerating a WSDL File for Integrations.

    • Custom attributes are also visible in the generated artifacts that you can download by selecting Actions > Export on the page of an integration, such as in the generated WSDL file.

  • Automatically handles security policy details required to connect to the Oracle RightNow Cloud application.

  • Provides standard error handling capabilities.

  • Enables you to perform CRUD (create, get, update, and destroy) operations against business objects in the Oracle RightNow Cloud application.