Assigning Business Identifiers

Business identifiers enable you to track payload fields in messages during runtime. You can specify up to three business identifier fields for tracking during design time. One of these fields must be selected as the primary business identifier field. The primary business identifier enables you to track fields across integration flows during runtime, and is always available. At runtime, the status of business identifiers is visible on the Tracking page and (if integration errors have occurred) the Errors page.

To assign business identifiers:
  1. On the Oracle Integration Cloud Service home page, click Integrations.
  2. Click the specific integration to which to add business identifiers. You can only add business identifiers to integrations that are not active. If an integration is active, you can only view its existing business identifiers.
  3. From the hamburger menu menu, select Tracking.
    The Business Identifiers For Tracking dialog is displayed. The source payload for the selected integration is displayed on the left side. You can only assign business identifiers to fields of source payloads. You cannot assign business identifiers to fields of target payloads.
  4. From the Source section, drag the payload field that you want to track to the Drag a trigger field here section.
    Description of ics_busid_drag.png follows
    Description of the illustration ics_busid_drag.png
    You can filter the display of source structures by clicking the Filter link. This enables you to filter on whether or not fields are used and on the type of field (required fields, custom fields, or all fields).
  5. Select the checkbox if you want to make this the primary business identifier. At least one identifier is required. If you only add one, it is automatically selected as the primary key.
  6. In the Tracking Name field, optionally enter a descriptive name to track during runtime (for example, OrgId). The name is displayed when this field is used to filter messages on the Tracking page or (if there is an integration error) the Errors page during runtime.
  7. In the Help Text field, optionally enter instructions to enable users to know what to enter in this field during runtime (for example, Enter a valid organization number). These instructions are displayed inside the empty field when it is used on the runtime Tracking page to filter messages.
  8. Click Done.