Navigating Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Oracle Integration Cloud Service provides multiple ways to access the different features you use to create and monitor your integrations.

Using the Overlays

Overlays are displayed the first time you log in to Oracle Integration Cloud Service. Overlays are provided on many of the main pages. Overlays guide you on how to perform tasks such as getting started, creating connections, creating integrations, and so on.
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  1. Click Got it! to dismiss the overlays.

  2. To enable the overlays again, select Help > Guide Me from the username main menu at the top of the page.

Navigating from the Home Page

The home page provides links to the primary development features of Oracle Integration Cloud Service: connections, integrations, monitoring, lookups, packages, agents, adapters, and libraries.
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Using the Navigation Pane

  1. Click main hamburger menu in the upper left corner to show the navigation pane.

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    The navigation pane provides you with access to all the development features in Oracle Integration Cloud Service.

  2. Click the appropriate design feature:

    If You Click... Links to the Following Features are Displayed...
    • Integrations

    • Connections

    • Lookups

    • Packages

    • Agents

    • Adapters

    • Libraries

    • Dashboards

    • Integrations

    • Agents

    • Tracking

    • Runs

    • Errors

    • Users (if using on-premises Oracle Integration Cloud Service)

    • Certificates

    • Notifications

    • Database

    • Logging Levels

    • Recommendations

    • API Platform

  3. Click home icon to return to the Oracle Integration Cloud Service home page at any time.