Running the Sample Integrations

When you provision a new instance of Oracle Integration Cloud Service, the following sample integrations are automatically included. These samples help you get you up and running quickly and show you how easy it is to activate, invoke, and monitor an integration between endpoints.

See the following sections to run and monitor the samples. It is recommended that you run these samples in the following order because several samples build upon one another.

Sample Complexity This Sample Demonstrates How to ... See ...
Echo None Use simple logging with a REST Adapter as a trigger in a request-response orchestrated integration.

Running the Echo Sample

Hello World None Use simple log and email notification actions with a REST Adapter in an orchestrated integration.

Running the Hello World Sample

Hello World Invoke Minimal Call and invoke a simple REST web service in an orchestrated integration. Simple logging is also used.

Running the Hello World Invoke Sample

Hello World Data Map Invoke Minimal Call and invoke a simple REST web service using the Map Data integration pattern.

Running the Hello World Data Map Invoke Sample

File Transfer Medium Read an opaque file from a "/" directory and write the file to an "/upload" directory in a simple scheduled orchestration. After activating the integration, you go to the Actions menu and select Submit now or Add Schedule to run the scheduled integration.

Running the File Transfer Sample

Incident details from Service Cloud Medium Get incident details from the Oracle Service Cloud for an incident ID and send the incident details to the caller as a response.

Running the Incident Details from Service Cloud Sample


The documentation for running these samples is also available when you click the Information icon for an activated integration and select How to run.
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