Viewing Preinstalled Adapters and Registering Custom Adapters

You can view the adapters preinstalled with Oracle Integration Cloud Service and register user-created, custom adapters in the Oracle Public Cloud.

Viewing Preinstalled Adapters

  1. On the Oracle Integration Cloud Service home page, click the Adapters diagram.

    The Adapters page show the following categories of registered adapters in Oracle Integration Cloud Service
    • Preinstalled: Adapters included with your instance of Oracle Integration Cloud Service (for example, adapters to which you have subscribed and adapters that are automatically included).

    • Private: Custom adapters that you have created and registered.

    • Marketplace: Adapters included with the packages imported from the Oracle Marketplace.

  2. Click the adapter name or select View from the menu at the far right to display information about the adapter.

    Description of ics_register_adapters.png follows
    Description of the illustration ics_register_adapters.png
  3. If you want to delete an adapter, select Delete from the menu at the far right. You cannot delete adapters identified as Preinstalled.

Uploading and Registering Custom Adapters

You can upload and register custom cloud adapters that you have designed. During the upload, the adapter is scanned/validated. If there are no issues in white list scanning, then the adapter is deployed to Oracle Integration Cloud Service successfully. If there are errors during white list scanning, those warnings and errors are written to a file and a link to the file is displayed in Oracle Integration Cloud Service.

  1. Click Register.

  2. Click Browse to select the adapter JAR file to upload, then click Register.

    During upload, the adapter is deployed to Oracle Integration Cloud Service and validated to ensure security. If the upload is successful, a message is displayed at the top of the page and the adapter is displayed in the list with the words Private. Though multiple versions of the adapter can be registered, only the latest active version is shown on this page.
    Description of ics_custom_adapter.png follows
    Description of the illustration ics_custom_adapter.png

    If the upload is unsuccessful, possible reasons are as follows:
    • Adapter JAR file is invalid (missing the cloud-adapter.xml file)

    • Display name for the adapter is missing

    • Adapter has an invalid value for the adapterPlugin ID (for example, with special characters)

    • Adapter has an adapterPlugin ID similar to any preinstalled adapter

      The uploaded adapter JAR is also validated for white listing. In the context of cloud adapters, this refers to the process of scanning the Java .class files in the adapter archive and enforcing policies defined in the white list configuration file. When validation fails, along with the failure message, there is a text report link that shows the warnings and errors that caused the adapter upload to fail.

  3. Go to the Connections page to configure the adapter. See Creating a Connection.