Accepting Target Element Mapping Recommendations

The mapper includes a recommendations engine for creating mappings. This eliminates the need to analyze and perform each individual source-to-target mapping. The findings of the recommendations engine are particularly useful when you have a new integration in which mapping has not yet been created. You can also use the recommendations engine with previously-created mappings.


Ensure that you first configure the recommendations engine. See Enabling the Oracle Recommendations Engine.
To use the mapping recommendations of the recommendations engine:
  1. Go to the Integrations page, and find the integration in which to use the mapping recommendations of the recommendations engine.
  2. Open the mapper.
  3. Click Recommend in the upper right corner of the target tree.
    A dialog shows the target tree node starting with the root node and then shows each of its child nodes with a recommendation. To maintain the hierarchy of the tree, the parent node of a child is displayed even though it has no recommendation. Parents have no selectable check boxes. Child nodes include a selectable check box. The number of recommendations is displayed at the bottom of the dialog. The Oracle Recommendations engine also indicates if there are no suggested recommendations.
    Description of recommend_engine.png follows
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  4. Note the following additional recommendations features:
    • The Mapping Recommendation column displays the nodes for which recommendations are identified. If a target node has more than one recommended mapping, a Show Alternates link is displayed. Click the link to view and select from the available recommendations. Up to five alternates are displayed.
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      Description of the illustration recommend_engine2.png

    • The All Sourced By dropdown list by default displays the initial recommendations from all sources. You can filter by all sources or narrow your filtering by selecting from the following sources.

      • Oracle: Mapping recommendations that came from Oracle.

      • Customer: Mapping recommendations in which others have created similar mappings in their integrations.

    • The Relevance column weighs the significance of the recommendation on a scale from one to five stars. The more stars, the more relevant the target recommendation. Place your cursor over the score to display a popup with information about the score, the source (Oracle, customer, or both), and usage count. Use the filter list to narrow the display by relevance (number of stars).

  5. Review the recommendations and select as follows:
    • Select the check boxes of specific nodes that you want to map.

    • Select the Target check box in the upper left corner to automatically select all nodes.

    The Recommendations Selected value at the bottom of the page is increased.

  6. Click OK to exit the recommendations dialog and return to the mapper.
    The recommendations you selected are displayed in the mapper.
  7. Right-click an individual row of an unselected node in the mapper, and select Recommend. This action shows the recommendations for that specific node.

    A dialog is displayed with the recommendations for the selected node and any of its child nodes. If you select a parent, you receive recommendations for any of its child nodes that have not yet been selected. Any previously recommended nodes that you selected are not displayed.
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    Description of the illustration recommend_engine3.png

  8. Select the check box and click OK to add any recommendations.
    You are returned to the mapper.
  9. When complete, click Close to exit the mapper. A message prompts you to save your mappings.