Accessing the Build Lookup Function Wizard

The Build Lookup Function wizard for creating the lookupValue function parameter values is accessible from the mapper.

To access the Build Lookup Function wizard:


You must already have created lookups to use this wizard. See Creating a Lookup of Using Oracle Integration Cloud Service.
  1. Go to the Integrations page.

  2. Open an integration.

  3. Click the mapper to edit.

    The mapper is displayed.

  4. Click the value in the Mapping column for the mapping on which to use lookups.
    Description of ics_lookup_function.png follows
    Description of the illustration ics_lookup_function.png

    The Build Mappings page is displayed.

  5. Expand Mapping Components > Functions > ICS or use the Search utility to find the lookupValue function.

  6. Drag the lookupValue function on top of the expression on the right side.

    The Build Lookup Function wizard is displayed. To create the lookupValue function parameter values, see section Selecting the Lookup Table.