Deep Copying Parent Nodes from Source to Target

You can deep copy a similar parent node from the source to the target using one drag and drop action. This eliminates the need to map every individual leaf node in large mappings. You can then override individual leaf mappings on a case-by-case basis. Similar is defined as a source and target having the same Qname (name and namespace) and data type. A similar parent node can also be mapped if both source and target nodes are repeating elements. While performing deep copy, repeating parent nodes are mapped with the for-each tag while the nonrepeating parent nodes are not mapped. The leaf element and attributes are mapped with the value-of tag. You can only perform deep copying on the mapper page. Deep copying of functions on the Build Mappings page is not supported.

  1. Access the mapper in an integration.
  2. Drag the similar parent node from the source to the target.
    The mapper identifies that the selected repeating elements are similar and asks if you want to map similar descendents.
  3. Click Yes. You can also select a checkbox to remember your preferences for this session.
    For this example, the source TypedAddressList element is mapped to the target TypedAddressList element. Attributes and leaf elements are mapped. Nonleaf elements are not mapped, such as Country. Nonrepeating parents cannot be mapped, but their children can be mapped.
    Description of deep_copy_in_mapper.png follows
    Description of the illustration deep_copy_in_mapper.png
  4. Edit leaf mappings on a case-by-case basis. However, if you delete the parent, everything is deleted.